Funambulist Gaming distributes and places “games of skill” in various jurisdictions.  Our “games of skill” do not constitute illegal gambling in any jurisdiction in which they are deployed.  Our “games of skill” are typically certified as such by an independent testing laboratory recognized by the relevant regulatory authorities in each jurisdiction in which deployed. All customers of our “games of skill” are provided a copy of a letter of assurance from our legal counsel with respect to the legalities of play.  In addition, all applicable licensing and permits to operate “games of skill” are provided for your business. In short, Funambulist Gaming's prides itself on being a good corporate citizen and assiduously complies with all laws and regulations in all jurisdictions in which it operates. Should you have any questions or concerns about the legality of our games, we would be happy to provide additional information.


Funambulist gaming offers American made gaming Terminals, featuring bright eye catching 23" touchscreen monitors.

Service & Support

Funambulist Gaming provides FREE delivery and installation. Our team of professionals perform clean installations...


Our Cabinets feature a slim design that allows for placement in just about any floor-plan layout.

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